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Your Guide to UCAS Clearing 2021


So, you want to know about UCAS Clearing. This likely means that you’re in one of three situations:


  • You applied for university after June 30th.
  • You are not an offer holder from any of the universities you applied to.
  • Your results have been published and your place has not been confirmed.


Last year, 73,000 students were in exactly the same position as you, so it’s important to remember not to stress. We’ll outline exactly what Clearing is and how to access it in this article to make your process as easy as possible.


What is Clearing?


Clearing is an opportunity for late applicants, applicants who have missed their conditions or those who have had a change of heart about their university/course choices to get the place they want. Course vacancies are advertised through UCAS and Clearing applicants can apply to fill them.


How does the Clearing process work?


If you are eligible for Clearing, your UCAS Track will say so. You will be provided with a Clearing number which you will have to give to the universities that you call once you have decided which ones you would like to apply for a course vacancy at.


You can find out more about specific university’s vacancies by either phoning their Clearing phone lines or by accessing UCAS’ Clearing Plus, which will match you to places based on your Track profile. You can find this by opening Track and clicking ‘See Matches’ at the top right-hand side of your screen. These vacancies will also be live. You’ll then be able to contact the relevant universities to secure your place for 2021 study.


When are the deadlines?


Clearing opens in July, immediately after the final UCAS application deadline. However, A-Level Results Day tends to be the beginning of Clearing for most students. This year, that’s August 10th.


The deadline for finding your place through Clearing is October 19th.


Clearing Tips


  • Don’t stress. Clearing is here to help.
  • Remember how many people are in exactly the same position as you each year. 13% of all university applicants find their place through Clearing.
  • Be patient. Clearing is often busy around Results Day, so you may have to wait for correspondence from some universities.




According to UCAS, if you have already applied and have a query about your application, you should contact their helpline at 0371 468 0468.


If you have your results and are reconsidering your options, you should contact the Exam Results Helpline (ERH) first at 0800 100 900.


Individual university’s Clearing lines will be available via their websites and social media.


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