#TogetherForMind Extended Due To COVID-19

Beginning July 1st, everyone here at Move Together and Escape Records embarked on a challenge to collectively complete 5000 miles whilst walking, running, cycling or swimming throughout the month in an effort to raise £5000 for Mind Cardiff.


The last 15 months have hit our industry hard, meaning they have been particularly challenging both financially and mentally. 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in the UK, and this has only been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. We have all struggled one way or another as a result of the virus and organisations such as Mind Charity do invaluable work for those who need it.


Massive distances have been covered so far by some of our fifty participants, with the top total distance recorded so far at an impressive 150.4 miles by Alex Chesterton-Matt, though John Lewis is hot on his tail at 133.8.



Despite our best efforts, however, COVID-19 (in typical COVID-19 fashion) has drastically hindered our progress. As per the record-high volumes of people who have been contacted by NHS Test and Trace this month, many of our team have had to isolate, meaning that the total distance we’ve been able to travel has been significantly diminished. 


However, our team is not backing down from the challenge. Instead, we have decided to make up for lost time and extend it by 10 days. As it stands, we’ve got 3500 miles to cover before August 12th. We’ve got a lot to do in a short amount of time whilst members of our team will undoubtedly continue to be put out of action by COVID-19 but we are determined to cover every single mile within this extension.


If you would like to donate, visit here and help us protect the critical work Mind Cardiff do to support those of us who have suffered from a mental health problem. 


To give you an idea of how much your spare change could help and how many lives it could touch, here is what your donation could do:


£10 could allow Mind to send essential information about mental health to 40 people.

£40 could pay for 28 people to campaign for change on our behalf.

£70 could keep Mind’s online community, Elefriends, open and safe for two hours.

£120 could offer a lifeline to eight people in desperate need of support from Mind’s legal line.

£200 could help us keep the Mind Infoline open for 1 hour, helping 35 people.

£300 could support a young person bereaved by suicide to access 1:1 and group support.

£550 could provide five people struggling with their mental health a place in a 10-week wellbeing group with team sports and cookery.


So, will Alex hold first place or is there a dark horse among us? Visit our Instagram to keep up with how we’re doing via our regular leaderboard updates. And, as always, thank you for your support.