Move Together

How To Go To A Wild Mansion Party This Freshers

Gearing up for freshers week? Scouring the internet for the naughtiest events in your city? Looking to throw yourself straight into the deep end? Look no further.

Introducing Freshers Mansion: the UK’s wildest-ever freshers tour. Picture Project-X meets Great Gatsby, with a whole load of madness mixed in for good measure. Think games and challenges, Instagrammable backdrops, TikTok legends, giant inflatables, ball pit pool parties and even more. It all goes down in the mansion, and you’re invited.

Freshers Mansion will be touring UK-wide, stopping at Cardiff, Liverpool, Bournemouth, Cambridge, Plymouth, Coventry, Manchester, Swansea and Cheltenham. 

Welcome to the best night of your life. Are you ready for your initiation?

Tickets available here.

Oh, and have your camera at the ready. You never know what might happen in the mansion.